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1 Hour Medical Massage    $98                     Additional 1/2 Hour Medical Massage   $60


4 - Pack , Initial Series (10 hours of Medical Massage over four sessions, Initial Treatment Series)                    $775

      (Treatment is performed once per week for 4 weeks or twice per week for 2 weeks,

        subtracting the hours needed per session from the 10 hours purchased.  If more

        hours beyond 10 hours should be required, the discounted package rate will be applied)


4 - Pack, Maintenance (10 hours of post Initial Treatment, Maintenance Medical Massage)        $575

     (To be utilized/subtracted from, once per month, up to 4 consecutive months of Maintenance Medical )



1 Hour                           $98

3 Hour Package          $280

5 Hour Package          $440

7 Hour Package          $580

10 Hour Package        $775



1 Hour                           $98

1/2 Hour                       $60


Additional modalities on the My Services page are subject to the above hourly rate pricing.

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*Packages are non-refundable but transferable to any treatment modality offered under 'My Services'.