Sharon Thomas
Medical Massage Therapist, Board Certified

A Woman's Way Workshop


Attention LADIES!

If you desire MORE from LIFE

Experience being guided by your true Authentic Self,

rather than by the superficial mind and external situations & influences

Reclaim Your Secret Superpower NOW!


In A Woman's Way Workshop, held March 9, you will learn proven techniques to reawaken your deeper inner self.  As a result, you will reach the natural place within you of peace & clarity. From here you can step back into your magnetic intuitive center where it will be easier for you to first, observe.  From there you will receive an impulse of guidence from which you will be able to take right action more neutrally and therefore more appropriately, on the inside and outside concerns, activities and influences you are attempting to decide about. You will naturally remember how to do this and it will allow you less feelings of overwhelm, stress or the tendency of making regretable decisions.  You will be able to tap into the inner place inside you that feels safe & protected. This is the place that automatically offers you the most suitable and reliable responses to anything you may need guidence for.  Through practice and over time, the ability to experience and live from this natural inner place becomes more and more profound and effortless because it is a part of your true nature as a woman.

This is a woman's way to naturally be.  All woman have this mechanism built within, yet many have been distracted in life from tapping into it automatically, on purpose & in every present moment, so that they can be guided through life by it

In this Workshop you will learn gentle steps of how to become reunited with and take right action in every moment from the Secret Superpower you inherently already have inside you!

Find out how to be deliberate about living life from this natural and authentic place.

Hello, I'm Sharon Thomas and it is my pleasure to facilitate you, as well as a close friend you are welcomed to bring, in A Woman's Way Workshop.  Over the past four decades, some of the accomplishments that have attributed to the expertise and development of making this workshop possible include attaining a BS in Education, achieving Published Authorship for the International Woman's Magazine, Sibella Publications, contribuing as a Medical Massage and Reiki Professional, leading as Director of the Ayurvedic Mother & Baby Post Partum Program, participating in Toastmasters Speaking Clubs & as Area Director, practicing 40 years in Advanced Meditation, and especially in availing to insights & abilities as a Medical Gifted Empath inherent since childhood. 

Over the extensive period of time of my life and career, I've discovered from within me and have unfolded to the insights, wisdom & understanding of the principles and techniques you will have access to in this workshop. I have further relied upon neuroscience, quantum physics and verifiable phenomenon as to the confirmation and the effectiveness of these techniques. In addition, thousands of my clients over the many years mentioned have participated in practicing and validating the successful results of their experiences in the use of these techniques. 

Thanks and I'd be delighted to share this precious guidence with you too and I hope you are inspired and will join me!


When: Saturday March 9, 9am to 12noon     

Provisions:  Wholesome snacks, coffee, tea & Kangen water 

Address: 1880 Office Club Pointe, 3rd Floor Conderence Room (NE & nearest to Briargate Parkway and Explorer Drive in Colorado Springs)

Fee: $50 per person   (please invite a good friend to come and participate with you!) 

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Do you have more questons about A Woman's Way Workshop?

I'm offering 3 Zoom Q & A Pre-Workshop Meetings.  You can bring your questions to any one of the meetings. They are being held at convenient times to any busy schedule.  Please don't hesitate to come meet me.  I'd love to meet you and I hope to see there!

*Meeting 1:  Tuesday February 27, 11am to 12noon

Zoom Link:

*Meeting 2:   Wednesday February 28, 1230pm to 130pm

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*Meeting 3:  Thursday February 29, 5pm to 6pm

Zoom Link:

Note:  Meeting ID's are the last 11 digits in each link   Passcode is SharonZoom for all Meetings

“Everything is within your power,
and your power is within you.”
― Janice Trachtman, Reiki Master