Sharon Thomas
Medical Massage Therapist, Board Certified

About Me

Hello, I'm Sharon Thomas, Board Certified, State Licensed Medical Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in practice for over 25 years.

Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services  provides professional Colorado Springs massage therapy services in and around Colorado Springs, CO.

Specializing in working with soft tissue like those involved in Medical Massage and Lymphatic Drainage modalities that are scientifically based and offer measurable results are my forte.  I ialso include holistic techniques to re-balance the natural flow of energy in the body, I'm offering you my best effort to help restore balance to your physiology and energetic complex.  Addressing your pain, discomfort and post liposuction conditions by helping increase your quality of life through careful and attentive problem solving and troubleshooting is my absolute super power!

Please be sure to also check out the features of Medical Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage in the "My Services" tab on the Homepage.  So many of my patients find amazing relief from liposuction surgery and painful discomfort and such great benefits from selecting it as these preferred modalities...

The Modalities I feature are:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for post Liposuction

Medical Massage Therapy 

Myofascial Release (learn more)

Reflexology of feet

Pregnancy/ Postpartum Massage


Please visit the 'My Services' section on my Homepage for a detailed explanation of each modality.

The following is my bio, including my professional philosophy and educational background:


                                                                Sharon A. Thomas, LMT, NMT, NCMMT

                                         Over 25 years practicing in the field of bodywork and holistic health 

Professional Vision and Goal: Treating the individual medically, holistically and compassionately, striving to assist the biomechanical/emotional system in the correction, restoration, rehabilitation, balance and harmony of the whole person through successful scientific and measurable methods, addressing levels from the subtle emotional and energetic to the gross physical body. 

Work Experience: 

Medical Massage Soft Tissue Services:  

Independently owned and operated with over 25 years in practice in CO. Specializing in initial examination with postural analysis and screening testing to assist in providing a clear road map from which to navigate streamlined treatment from the soft tissue/bio-field perspective.  Specific medically validated techniques and neuromuscular therapy are administered addressing muscle, fascia, connective tissue, adhesions, tendons and joint capsule, as needed. Medical Massage Therapy is applied to facilitate, providing relief, correction, restoration and rehabilitation for those individuals with chronic pain or immobility patterns, stress, tension, injuries (personal, sports, work), repetitive motion disorders, scars, pregnancy and post partum conditioning and more. Conditions involving pain, ache, soreness, stiffness, tension, burning, tingling, numbness, radiating, headache, weakness, swelling, spasm, discomfort, emotional discord and tenderness are addressed. 

Customized Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is offered as a specialized 3-part approach for those recovering from liposuction surgeries with results leading to accelerated recovery through encouragement of repair to your traumatized tissue, reduction of stagnant and built up fluids and resulting in reductions in size reduction and noticeable reshaping of physique.


Exclusive Day Spa at Golfing Club Locally operated:

Over ten years specializing in relaxation spa treatments, sports and deep tissue modalities providing rejuvenation and reprieve for those experiencing fatigue, emotional strife, discomfort, pain, ache, stiffness and those conditions requiring treatments leading to relief, relaxation, centering and balance.  Sports conditioning for pre and post event and pregnancy and postpartum methods are also practiced. 


Ayur-Vedic Medical Center  University-based Medical Center:

7 years of apprenticeship practicing ancient forms of purification and rejuvenation procedures leading to scientifically validated markers for reversal of aging.  Additional tasks included teaching Vedic methods of postpartum recovery and infant massage to students at the university level. 

High School and Joint Vocational School Instructor/Adult Education Program Coordinator:

7 years of teaching in the public school system at the secondary and adult education levels



Bachelor of Science Degree, College of Education 

1100 hour Therapeutic Massage Therapy Certification Program

500 hour National Certification in Medical Massage Therapy

Certification in Pre-natal, Pregnancy, Post-partum, Infant Massage

Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Biodynamic Method

Certification in MPS Scar Therapy (Microcurrent Point Stimulation)

Certification in Finesse Massage (formerly PFR, Passive Fascia Restoration Massage)

Certification in The Art of Feminine Presence, Level 1 and Level 2

Certifications: CPR and First Aid 

Additional: Hundreds of hours of additional Continuing Education Units in a vast variety of areas relating to bodywork and mind/body connection

Treatment of thousands of patients over my 25+ career and counting.

Professional Organization:

Member NBCTMB (National Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork)


Please see the references available in the 'Testimony' Section