Sharon Thomas


A Patron and/or Military Discount for a 10 hour, 4-pack of Post Liposuction Recovery Lymphatic Drainage/Medicial Massage sessions is offered at 12% off regular rate.    

A series of four sessions distanced at one week intervals is designed to unwind soft tissue compensations and return muscle function to proper proprioceptive reconnection with the brain and nervous system. The intent is to restore quality of life, reduced or eliminated pain and increased flexibility and mobility. In the case of Post Liposuction Recovery, this approach assists the lymphatic system to become optimized in function.

In order to achieve maximum benefit, 2 to 3+ hours is needed per session. Because we 'unwind' each layer of pathology over the 4 sessions down to the deepest constriction and, depending upon the history of your condition, some sessions might be longer.  This occurs especially in the first session, and some sessions could be much less, depending upon which layer we are working on.  In such a case, we deduct the hours used from your discounted package of hours over the four sessions.  The benefit of this system is that as the body 'unwinds' we have available at a discount, the hours available to allow it the time and attention it needs to release as thoroughly as it available to.  While it can take 2-3 hours per session, the first session of the 4-series is typically the longest.

Office hours:  M-F 10am or 2pm, preferably 

Purchased are non-refundable.


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